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Air Purifying Plants

It is known that air quality is essential to our health and well-being, but are we careful to purify the air in our home or office? Will those 10 minutes with the window open be enough before leaving home for work?

Migraines, allergies, dry and tired eyes are some of the symptoms caused by air toxicity, due to harmful products that exist in the atmosphere, from carbon dioxide to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by man-made synthetic products, such as paints , carpets, furniture and cleaning products.

There are several studies on the benefits of plants for health and well-being, namely as an air purifier since they are responsible for oxygenating the entire planet. Plants behave like “sponges” of harmful substances absorbing all kinds of toxic products. They are able to eliminate these toxins for their own benefit, through their leaves and stems or through their roots, transforming them into food.

Below are some examples of Air Purifying Plants.

Picture1: Zamioculca (shop); Picture2: Spatiphyllium (shop); Picture3: Sansevieria (shop); Picture 4: Phoenix Roebelenii


[Pictures via Pinterest]

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