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Deliveries of Fresh Flowers and Preserved Flowers


Fresh and / or dried

and preserved flower arrangements

Our arrangements are made from fresh flowers of the season, respecting the seasonality of each species.


We also have arrangements made from dried and preserved flowers.


You can order your flowers through this platform or through email for more personalized orders and pick them up at the store or request our delivery service (price on request).

Floral Decoration for Weddings and Events


Floral Design

We perform the decoration of your wedding or other event whether private, corporate or festive.


For more information contact us at

Plant Design 

Into Bloom has a plant styling service so you can create the perfect environment for your home or office with the use of plants and greenery.​


With a team of specialized designers, we empower residential and commercial spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Contact us to know our services and we will find the solution you are looking for, regardless of the space and the budget.


More information:

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